Sheep Seldom Shiver

December 2, 2015


Why is that you might ask?  Well, it’s partly because wolves can hear teeth chattering from a thousand meters, but mainly it’s because sheep are well insulated with their own coat of natural, home-grown wool. When used as floor-covering, wool is not only soft and elegant underfoot, it “breathes”, absorbing moisture when humid and releasing it when conditions are dry. This, combined with wool’s heralded natural insulating properties, helps keep things cool and comfortable during the hottest months and warm and cozy during the colder months (please note that last part). In fact, wool carpet is unquestionably the BEST insulating material available for use as an interior textile. As a result, it can greatly reduce energy costs since tearing out the heater and replacing it with a nuclear- powered 875,000 BTU turbine-fed forced-air unit may not be necessary with a properly insulated floor.

(Taken From Unique Carpets Limited Newsletter – March 2015)